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On-site staffing services

It is difficult to predict how many permanent staff you need to manage your organisation’s subscriptions. The challenge for modern BIS departments is to retain both the talent to manage complex contracts and internal customer demands, whilst having the flexibility to keep permanent headcount to a minimum.

The answer is insourcing – a similar model to outsourcing, but having a dedicated resource from Prenax working on-site at your premises. Peaks in workload are absorbed by on-site Prenax staff. The benefits are:

  • Costs remain variable and therefore flexible enough to be quickly adapted to changing market conditions
  • All the publisher and supplier relationships, including specially-negotiated site licenses and bulk deals, are handled by the on-site staff member.
  • We work within your operation and therefore understand exactly what is required in order to satisfy your internal customers
  • You benefit from Prenax’s publisher relationships; and
  • All expenditure across the whole of your organisation can be controlled through one source – providing improved cost-control and reporting. 

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